It begins like this:

So this is my blog. My countdown has boiled down to 10 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes and some odd seconds. The only packing I’ve done is of my schedule with an assortment of plans with an even larger assortment of people. I have to-do lists, shopping lists, packing lists, bucket lists. Despite all of this, I’m oddly level headed. I slept 5 hours last night and the night before that and I’m pretty certain this is how I will be living until my face is pressed against my food tray attached to the chair in front of me miles above the world below.

The “leaving the country” concept has set in but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it bothers my loved ones. The 2,100 miles don’t scare me nearly as much as the thousands of pages of material I’ll be cramming into my brain for the upcoming 4 years. Beside the beach and the sun and the sea, I will be striving to become someone who will live up to the dream I had 19 years ago. With any luck, I’ll surpass that dream and become more than I have ever thought possible.

Until then, however, I doubt this blog will be much more than random thoughts and maybe a few photos of my final summer escapades before take off. I’ll do my best to entertain you who come here to join me on my small adventure. Hope we enjoy the ride!


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