In the meantime, she would just live.

It has been over a month since my last post. I’m not sure if it feels like I was typing in here just last week or some many years ago. Both seem to make sense in some retrospect. Lets see how well I can sum up the past 4 weeks of SGU life..


Anatomy is by far the most “veterinary” type class we are speeding through at the moment. We have an amazing and quirky professor, Dr. Smith, who lives on his boat with his wife and apparently takes trips around the island between trying to help us memorize the nerves of the brachioplexus and the different extensor muscles of the forelimb. He walks around as we dissect our specimens in the lab, making sure to crack a couple jokes while quizzing our knowledge of the day’s task.

Histology and Physiology are two separate lectures that seem to be teaching us the same thing but through very different lenses. The content is definitely interesting but requires a lot more dedication and notecards than you could imagine.

Clinical orientation is a lower credit class but gives us the ever-needed time to cuddle a living animal every once in a while while we’re palpating different glands, checking capillary refill times, and using the menace technique to check the function of the optic nerves.

Notes for only 3 of my classes. Enough said.
Notes for only 3 of my classes. Enough said.
Who could resist these fluff balls?
Who could resist these fluff balls?


MY PARENTS VISITED! St. George University organizes a Family Weekend every term that coincides with the first term students’ White Coat Ceremony which is essentially our induction into the profession. I was lucky to be one of the few who’s parents made the journey all the way to the middle of the ocean and, to top it off, they decided to make a full week out of the trip. Between loads of dinner trips, happy hours, beach trips, and local tours, I would like to say they had a great time (even though they swear their favorite part was getting to see me, I’m sure it was seeing the local rum factory).

Aren't they perfect?
Aren’t they perfect?
Some amazing food at Sangria in Mourne Rouge
A trip to the fish market Friday morning to stock up my fridge!
Glub glub glub
Glub glub glub
My perfect parents taking me to dinner at Amici Miei for some amazing food.
My perfect parents taking me to dinner at Amici Miei for some amazing food.

I unfortunately don’t have pictures from the tours they went on considering I was in class every day other than Saturday and Sunday. You can trust, however, I will be making a few journeys around the island. All in the name of research, of course.

White Coat Ceremony

Every student looks forward to the moment when they get this honorable garment that has been universally come to symbolize not only the medical profession, but the overall goal of caring for others and, to some extent, changing the world for the better. With this in mind, it is no surprise that I was beaming ear-to-ear alongside my newfound friends as we approached the stage to be “coated”. Even tho the room was filled predominantly with our peers, some family members, professors, and professionals took seats among us to encourage us and give us some guiding words. Afterwards, SGU organized a beautiful reception with food, drinks, music, and the same overly-enthusiastic smiles of countless students.

A shameless pre-ceremonial selfie

Extracurricular activities

My ability to do too much traveling around the island has been stifled a little so far. Some times those pesky classes just seem to get in the way. However, I have found a few spare moments to go out with friends to Timbers, Bananas, Options and Umbrellas. It may not be all fun and games down here, but I promise the fun is VERY fun.

A few of us enjoying the SVM Welcome Back Party at Timbers
Exploring our campus is a breathtaking study break. The trick is trying not to trip.
A drink or two (or three or four) never hurt nobody.
A drink or two (or three or four) never hurt nobody.


I would love to say the past month flew by without a single post here because it was a blur of boat rides and luaus. Instead it is a blur of bone sketches and pinkish purple cells on a microscope. I am here with a very clear purpose and although it may not be everyone else’s idea of fun I am genuinely enjoy my classes, studying, and even my group study sessions. Plus, who can not feel like they found where they belong when this is the view right around the bend? IMG_2039


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